Sunday, 12 January 2014

'Mock' Year 11 Results Day

On Friday our Year 11s had a Results Day based on their Mock exams which they took before Christmas.

This involved them going to the hall, lining up and waiting for their envelope just like they will be doing in August.  It was just like the real thing - some waited for friends until they opened their envelope, some cried and some were thrilled.

In their envelopes not only did they have their mock results but they also had a slip which told them whether or not they had got onto their college course.  Powerful stuff.

One of the conversations I had in passing on the corridor really showed how much it meant to some:

"How did you do?" I asked one youngster, who had obviously been crying. "I've got a D." she said, clearly upset, disappointed and really feeling it like it was the 'real thing'.

"But you haven't got a D for real yet."  I said.  "You have a second chance now."  And she brightened up with the realisation that this wasn't a done-deal yet.

Tomorrow I'll be seeing my Year 11s for the first time since they received their mocks - some will be thrilled and some disappointed so this is where I'm going to start with them:

In addition they will all be getting their envelopes back with their personal targets in that they set the very first time I met them in September.  For more information see the post here.

... and we will also be pushing forwards to gain more marks and make progress using their Mock papers by using the 'Ask an Expert' activity.  See here.

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