Monday, 5 August 2013

AfL Show Me Shape Activities

I love mini bulldog clips - perfect to use with these cards!

I've had sets which have been used by everyone from Year 7 to Year 11 many, many times and they last really well.  Copying them onto several different colours of card really helps to sort them out when they occasionally get muddled!

There's a basic set of 24:

and then an extension set to promote discussion:

Plus an A4 laminated front-of-the-class-sized set with the shape's name written on the reverse is handy to have too.

The grid-lines you can see don't print which makes them much less stressful to cut out or guillotine.

Suggested activities which can be led by teachers or learners:

1)    Not all the cards have to be used at once.  Ask learners to put the shapes into groups of triangles, quadrilaterals, regular polygons etc. then concentrate on the properties of one or two particular group at a time.


2)     I use mine blu-tacked onto the board or a wall and play ‘Splat!’ in teams.


3)   I have a laminated A4 size of each shape, hold one up and play ‘Match my shape’


4)    Alternatively they can be tacked up around the room in advance of the lesson and play ‘Silent staring’.  “Stare at a …..”


5)    Make a big deal of picking a shape from a pack.  Then play “I’m thinking of a shape.  It has ……………”   Give a prize/point for the first person/team to hold up their matching shape.


6)    Bingo – students pick 6 of the cards and put them face up on their table, they then put them face down when either their names/properties have been called. I use a spare set shuffled to choose the order.


7)    Then there’s always lots of ways to ask “Show me ….

…. all the triangles/quadrilaterals/prisms

…. a shape where all the angles are equal/right angles/60O/sum to 360O

…. a quadrilateral with no special properties

…. a shape with 1/2/3/4/no lines of symmetry

…. a solid shape with 1/2/more than 2 planes of symmetry

…. a shape with 1 / 2 pairs of parallel sides

…. all the regular polygons

…. a shape with rotational symmetry order 2/3/4
....a shape with 8 vertices show me another ....
Sets of these (including greyscale A4 front-of-the-class-sized copies) plus the suggested activites, are available to download here from TES.

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