Saturday, 3 August 2013

Posters for BODMAS / BIDMAS Misconception

It's a great mneumonic, but it can lead to the misconception that division is done before multiplication, when actually they should be done at the same time reading left to right, like a sentence.

The same applies to addition and subtraction.

Today's home-made offerings are posters to remind learners of this.

The first states the theory and the second models an example using the 'Drop it Down' method I use to teach Order of Operations.

They can both be downloaded here from TES.


  1. If the logic of your argument is accepted, then the order of groups DM and AS could provide for a more memorable acronym: BIMDAS/BOMDAS.

    Apart from being less awkward to say, it is internally consistent to express the "increasing functional operators" of Multiplication and Addition before the "decreasing functional operators" of Subtraction and Division.

    1. Hi Mark and thanks for your comment.

      I think my main issue is that the acronym itself has led to students having misconceptions - it's one of those that's partially true - just like "2 positives make a negative" is also sometimes incorrectly applied.

      I like the idea of discussing with them that there are different acronyms that they could make - going to use that thanks!