Monday, 29 July 2013

Maths Vocabulary activities

Here's a page of Maths vocabulary words and some suggestions of activities they could be used for.  Enlarging to A3 and then laminating will make them more robust.

Suggestions about activities using these cards:

1) Group yourselves
Give each learner a card then ask them to group themselves with other people who have cards which somehow link to theirs.
Can they explain to the class why they think they go together?  Is this the only way they can organise themselves or does anyone think they can move groups?
2) My word's better than your word!

Debates. Students work in small groups and give reasons why their key word is the most important out of the ones in their group! I love a good maths ‘row’!
3) Splat!

Put class into teams and blu-tac some or all of the words to the board. Ask the teams to number each member, example 1 to 5. Player 1 from each team then comes out. Either the teacher or another learner describes the word and the student who ‘splats’ it first with their hand gets a point. You can remove them from the board as you go along or leave them all up. All Player 2s then come out and the game continues ….

4) Group bingo
Put students into equal groups if possible – each student has a card. The teacher reads out a definition. First group to have all their words described correctly shout “BINGO!”

5) Guess my word
In pairs give learners 30 seconds each to describe their word to their partner for them to guess – they can’t say the word or any part of it though!  If they both guess correctly then they swap cards, if not they keep their cards.  Now go find someone else to describe to.

6) Create a Question

Learners are given a card/cards at random. They can then make up a question based on the topic on their card. If you want to make it more difficult for them then you could state certain numbers which must be used in the question or what the answer must be, for example, 3. This can be done individually, in pairs or groups.
7) Sketch my word
Learners draw their word without speaking for others to guess.

The list isn't meant to be exhaustive and you can add extra vocabulary or remove some to differentiate depending on the group or what you're concentrating on at the time.

If you would like a set these cards, suggested activities, along with blanks if you want to add your own, are available to download here from TES.

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