Friday, 9 August 2013

Using Symbaloo to support parents - Example: GCSE Maths Module 1 Integers Foundation Edexcel

Starting from September I'm going to send a letter out to parents and carers with a link to Symbaloo webmixes for each module we will be covering that half term. 

That way they can see what their children are going to learn and be able to support them through direct, easy access to internet links.

I was thinking that each webmix could contain links to:
  • The whole of the scheme of work and learning objectives for the current module (red tiles)
  • Video clips for each learning outcome (green tiles)
  • Practice sites (pink tiles)
  • Games (orange tiles)
  • Extension suggestions (purple tiles)

I've made a start on Module 1 here:

Is there anything else you can think of that could be included?

Please note that the webmix above is interactive - you can visit any of the webpages by clicking on the tile.  I will also be updating so there may be new tiles on it if you visit it again.

You can save a copy of it if you click on 'View on Symbaloo'

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