Monday, 12 August 2013

Art with Circles

Some amazing examples of beautiful circles. 

Kaleidoscopic Floor Installations Made of Mirrors, Crystals and Glass by Suzan Drummen

Video showing what happens when you take a completely white living room, thousands of colourful circular stickers and lots of children.  Yayoi Kusama’s legendary installation, Obliteration Room:


Crop circles - fabulous 'art' on a huge scale

File:Crop circles Swirl.jpg

.... some circles in architecture .....

circles 2

....circles in the sand

Kandinsky loved painting circles:

and so did Delaunay (Thanks to @lennyvalentino for letting me know about him):


Jake Beckman sculpture made from cycle wheels:

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  1. Great post on circles! I particularly liked the video of the white room - amazing idea to involve your audience into the artwork!
    Keep up the good work with your blog!