Sunday, 28 July 2013

3 sets of Foundation 'Need to Know Off By Heart' loop cards

I love a set of loop cards - great for revision, plenaries, starters, entrance activities.  All round winner!

Couple of quick things to mention:

- I print the 3 different sets onto different coloured card or paper

- Only cut around the solid lines.  The dotted lines are the centre of each card which split up the question (on the right) from the answer (on the left of a different card)

- You can start on any card - if learners have matched them correctly each set should make a completed loop.

- Make it into a competition!  Ask students to work in pairs, shuffle their 'pack' well and then give to another pair.  Ready.......... Steady ............ Go!

Above is an example of one of the sets - all 3 can be downloaded as word documents here from TES.


  1. Thank you ever so much!

  2. You're very welcome! Thanks for looking and for the comment.