Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Maths, literacy and YouTube videos - The Circle Song

If you teach Maths and use YouTube you've probably come across The Circle Song. 

You know the one.  That catchy tune which really sticks and actually does help students to remember the formulae for area and circumference of circles - handy as they are expected to know if for their GCSE.

It really does work.  If you look closely you can actually see them singing it through when they need it!

To encourage students to engage with the video and also to improve literacy I've made a task for them to do whilst listening to it.

It's versatile - I've used it as an entrance task and as a plenary and it can be altered for differentiation, for example by removing some of the prompt words.

You can download the worksheet here on TES.
Just in case you've somehow missed this gem, or you need a little top-up in the school holidays because you're having withdrawal symptoms, here it is:

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