Sunday, 21 July 2013

Planning for September - 4 stages of Mastery

First ever blog post!

Finished school on Friday for the holidays and I'm already planning for September.

What ideas and resources can I gather over the next 6 weeks to inspire students next year?

So what have I got in mind so far?  I'm going to start by talking with them about the stages of mastery.

I've just explained them to my 11-year-old son and he's used learning to make a cup of tea as an analogy (he knows he's at the conscious competence stage but we're planning to help him move on to unconcious competence over the holidays ;)

Can feel a poster coming on ........

....and here's the first draft of the poster/activity:

Once I've worked with the students on it I'll post up some pics.

Download the poster/activity here on TES